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I want you to feel empowered

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These will be memories that you will keep forecer

Hello!  I'm Laura

I am a Portrait Photographer living in Oxford and I love taking photos of people.

I want people to feel empowered when they look at a photo of themselves. I want them to feel proud of who they are and what they've achieved. Whether that is a photo by yourself or with your family or loved one or with your dog.. I want you to look at yourself with pride and accomplishment.

We are all brilliant and unique. We are all different shapes and sizes and I believe we  need to embrace who we are and not what society tells us we should look like

Growing up in the 90s I was told by the media that I should be a size 6 and flawless; in real life I am not perfect, far from it.. but that is not what we should strive to be as perfect does not exist. I am a red head with glasses and great thighs! and it has taken me 41 years to feel confident in who I am. I want everyone to feel confident in who they are now and to never feel less than they are. 

After a photoshoot with me I want you to feel confident in your own skin and I want to help you get there with a variety of different poses! having fun and with a discussion on what to wear before hand.


I love photography, trying new styles, setting up lights, trying out different props, accessories, and outfits, and testing out different poses!

Everyone rocks and should know it no matter our size or shape or the bits we don't  like. It is a shame that we all criticise ourselves so much and we shouldn't.


We must learn to love who we are.

When I am taking your photo I will make sure you are happy and comfortable! 

I will help with outfit selection (I love that part!) your posing and how to sit or stand and I will make it fun! Because do you know what!!!?? It is FUN!!! 


These will be memories that you will keep forever! 

"I love it when people look at a photo of themselves and think "Yeah!! I look great!"

Everyone has the right to feel like that."

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